About Startup Stages Guide

Helping founders identify where they are within their startup journey, 
and how to most effectively get to the next stage

Our Goal

At Startup Stages Quiz & Guide, our goal is to help provide relevant & timely guidance, enabling startups to build profitable, sustainable businesses. 

About Startup Stages

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we see many founders struggle to understand what they should be focusing on, burn through capital, lose focus, and ultimately fail.

Many of them get bad advice, or advice not relevant for where they are at on their startup journey.

For example, advice from the CEO of a billion-dollar startup might not be helpful to a startup founder who has not yet even built a prototype. 

With the right guidance, startups can avoid many missteps and increase their chances of success.

We thought one of the best ways we could give back to the startup community was to provide tools startups could use to get this guidance. To understand where they are at on their startup journey and what it will take to get to the next step.

We provide a roadmap of the various stages in the startup journey, based upon our experience in the trenches building successful startups. These stages, and the related guidance at each stage, help startups navigate the challenges of starting and growing a startup. 

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Our Mission

This site was built by tech startup entrepreneurs, for tech startup entrepreneurs.

By founders who have walked the path you’re embarking upon.

We know starting a business is difficult. There are a lot of challenges and uncertainties. But we also know that it’s possible to succeed if you have the right resources, guidance, and support.

That’s why we created:



Over the past decade we’ve launched many startups, celebrated victories, learned from failures, faced challenges head-on, and weathered many storms. We’ve learned many lessons and want to share this experience and knowledge with you, to help others avoid some of those missteps.

If we can help founders avoid costly mistakes, succeed more quickly, make more money, and provide for their families, then we have accomplished our goal in providing this free resource to the community.

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